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Kings and Queens of our Cattery

We started this journey with our first male Maine Coon - Jack. We soon added our female Ember, and a month later our other female Luna. Our females have free roaming about the home, and our male resides in our lower level of our home with all his own space. 


Jack O'Lantern

Keeping our theme of Halloween Jack O'Lantern was obviously a very long name for a cat so I shortened it to Jack. He loves to climb and watch people from the tops of things. He picks and choses when he wants to lay with you. 

Our Queen Ember

Ember simply explains the color of her eyes and a fiery passion she has inside her.

20221025_210555487_iOS 1.jpg

Our Queen Luna

Luna is silly, laid back, and her fur resembles a full moon. Luna fetches her toys and brings them back. She is always flopping onto her back whenever she wants attention.

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